Lessons from Diabetes for A Creative Person

It has become clear that diabetes is the health issue of our century, with worldwide massive increases in new diagnoses of type 2 diabetes, even in children; perhaps even more widespread prediabetes; and millions of new diagnoses of type 1 diabetes as well.

pink writing journal from Lisa B's blog on spiritual mechanics of diabetes
Diabetes gave me crucial insights
applicable to my creative work and play




But diabetes has a silver lining: it's a great teacher. This is so because it asks those of us affected by diabetes to pay more informed attention to our bodies, our energy levels, and our actions. 
The call to action may be lifelong, but the payoffs can be instant. Moment to moment, day by day, we can see the positive impact of out attention and choices on our health and well-being.
Here's another benefit I've found in dealing with the type 1 version of diabetes for more than three decades: a lot of what I've learned is crucial to my work (and play) as a poet, singer, and creative person. 
This post [http://lisabmusic.blogspot.com/2015/09/what-diabetes-taught-me-as-creative_16.html] from my other blog (the one about being a singer and poet) gives those key lessons.
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