Get More Help on Your Diabetes Journey

If you have diabetes, you know that the diabetes journey is not just a physical one. It involves your whole self – mind, body, and spirit. 

Lisa B  (Lisa Bernstein) reserves a special part of her intuitive practice for people with diabetes of all types. As a type 1 diabetic herself for almost four decades, she has a vivid understanding of the demands of this disorder – and of the benefits provided by intuitive work and energy-awareness tools.

As a diabetic, you are faced with a special set of challenges: you must take charge of your physical energy management, which other people’s bodies do automatically. You are engaged every day with assessing and running your personal power system.

This can be a maddening burden.

It can also be a profound route to self-knowledge.

As someone with diabetes or pre-diabetes, you probably already have a special sensitivity to “energy” in all its dimensions, because you are already engaged in managing an impaired energy distribution system on a daily, hourly, even minute-by-minute basis. You probably already experience the fact that you are not just a body, but an individual being or spirit who is managing your body. And you know how countless variables, including stress, throw off your blood-sugar levels. 

This extra sensitivity also means that you are primed for intuitive communication.

For these reasons Lisa enjoys giving readings, energy healings, and coaching to people with diabetes. She also enjoys teaching intuitive tools one-on-one for diabetics to use in meditation and daily life.

These tools offer far-reaching benefits not only to the diabetic well-being of many of her clients, but also to their overall lives:

Direct benefits of intuitive communication and energy-awareness tools to diabetes management: 

  • Improved blood-sugar control and other physiological variables 
  • Healthier choices about diet, exercise, medications, and diabetic self-care 
  • Reduced burnout and “diabetic distress”
  • Better communication with doctors, insurance companies, and medical providers 
  • More support from family and community 
  • Increased ease in weathering the ups and downs of diabetes 
  • Less stress and more vitality 

More control gained by intuitive communication over some of the stressors that increase blood-sugar levels :

  • Feeling of being in sync with your body 
  • Ability to set personal boundaries to feel safe and sane 
  • Skill in visualizing and receiving desired outcomes 
  • Greater sense of amusement and forgiveness

Contact Lisa for more information on how a session with her can help you manage your diabetes. These services, and your own use of intuitive tools, go hand in hand with your existing medical care and your work with your diabetes management team, and even improve it.

You’re here because you’re in a phase of growth and you’re looking for some answers. 

   Take a deep breath and exhale – then pat yourself on the back. Really. If it makes you inwardly laugh a little, well, good – that means you’ve just raised your vibration.

Selected Testimonials from Clients with Diabetes or Pre-diabetes


“You showed me I can control some things about my day-to-day reality even when I can’t control my blood sugars. Other people with diabetes need to know about this.”  - Heidi M., LADA diabetic, Seattle 


“Since your reading, I’ve been making the changes we talked about, exercising a lot and eating fewer sweets. I feel a lot more solid and connected to the earth. Plus, I’m starting to renew my spiritual practices.”  -  Eduardo C., pre-diabetic, financial manager, New Jersey 



“Well, you got me to start paying attention to my diet and heart issues, and I even saw my doctor. It’s the opposite of what I was worried about: now I actually feel less stressed. Thanks for helping me understand where the fear was coming from.” - Kelvin H., type 2 diabetic, music producer, Oakland



“Things have been improving for me since we last spoke. I have been working on my diabetic management. Work has been supportive. And I love using the energy tools you taught me. I have been working on my separation [from others’ energies]. I like using the rose visualization. I also use the replenishing with golden sunlight…that gives me the biggest boost. Another thing…is my meditation, taking it out of my torso’s center and focusing behind my eyes and crown. That has made a wonderful difference in my energy as well. Plus I am now regularly seeing my diabetic educator and dietitian. I will be getting married in two weeks!!...Thank you for all of your help and suggestions.” - Morgan L., type 1 diabetic, nurse, New York City


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