New Testimonials

A few testimonials from 2013 were just posted on my intuitive services site. I'm grateful, and as always, eager for the coming week's readings.

Please get in touch if you're interested in a clairvoyant reading, which includes healing and some coaching as appropriate to you. You can email me at lisabmusic at hotmail dot com or contact me via the form on the contact page at the site whose link is given above. Questions welcome!

Selected 2013 Testimonials

Thanks for taking so much time with me last night. I appreciate your insights and intuitive observations. It was remarkable to me how well you homed in on some of the issues of my past/present and the image you saw from my childhood. It opened up a whole train of thought that was very illuminating. Also want to compliment your delivery, which is calm and compassionate. It's always a challenge for me to open myself up to someone I don't know (therapy was never something that worked for me), and you made it feel safe, and nonjudgmental. I can see you have a gift for this work. Will definitely recommend you to anyone who asks. – S.B., musician, Berkeley, California

Thank you, Lisa. I found the reading to be very enlightening, powerful, and clarifying. I must set something up again." – Mrs. Rebecca Reyes, Stockton, California

light blue pattern from lisabintuitive.comThe reading was a great experience. After a good night's sleep, I felt so light and almost had a perma-grin the entire next day. I appreciate your gift. – C.J., California

“Lisa was the center of attention at a recent Tarot Card Reading / Cocktail party I had with my friends. Everyone was complimentary of Lisa's skills and attention to them throughout the evening. She was very accommodating - staying on much later than originally planned in order to provide everyone in attendance a chance to meet with her individually. I would recommend Lisa - she was the highlight of the party! – Andre B., San Francisco

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