More on How to Ground Your Body

Last September, I introduced the intuitive tool of grounding your body (and your personal energy space).

Here's more about this relaxing, refreshing, stabilizing tool – and about how to replenish yourself after you release energy you don't want or need.

Kyoto Autumn Leaves by Malcolm Browne under Creative Commons license, see below

You, the spirit, ground your body.

You might notice, after you first do it, that grounding your body feels familiar. Some people get grounded and start dumping energy just by watching a sports game on TV. I notice that one way I ground is by watering my yard, trimming my roses, and weeding a little. Hiking, working out – physical activity like this connects you to your body and the planet, helping your body to release tension and unwanted static.

The beauty of consciously grounding in the way you just learned in the post linked above, and described again below, is that it doesn’t depend on any of those other activities. You can’t always take that walk on the beach – you may not have the money, time, or freedom to get there. But you can often grab a few minutes to sit down, close your eyes, and ground your body. Even in the restroom at work, or in the car before you enter a party or meeting, or on the bus.

Yes, grounding the body is a mini-mini-vacation – but it’s a productive one, because in this state of timeout, visualization, and playing with energy, you’re actually allowing yourself to gain more control of your reality, now and in the future.

To put it another way, you’re getting back into the cockpit of your own personal plane and putting your hands back on the controls, spiritually and physically. In fact, you might consider that it was crazy to expect yourself to pilot the plane from somewhere outside it.

So don’t feel guilty about not officially (or visibly) achieving anything by grounding and gathering up your energy.

What you’re doing here is making a statement to your body by grounding it. And through that act of communication, you’re reclaiming not just your body, but also your abilities as a being.

In other words, bodies don’t ground themselves. You, the spirit running the body, grounds it. It’s a powerful act.

Keep your body safe by grounding it.

What are you really saying to your body by grounding it?

I’m going to keep you safe.

I'm going to help you find some more room to exist. how you might feel when you first sit down to ground yourself_from 

Any excess energy that comes into you? I’m going to take it out.

You no longer have to hold on to a bunch of intangible stuff that has nothing to do with you.

Someone else’s hysteria, someone’s pain, the panic in a room, the competition from a coworker or a romantic rival, my own worries, that perfectly nice conversation with the neighbor about the noise last night – you don’t have to hold onto it.

There’s another big message you send to your body by grounding it:

I know you’re sensitive.

The body remembers stress whether it comes in the form of clatter, chatter, competition, injury, violence, exhaustion, illness, strain, or overload.

Even too much of a good thing can be experienced by the body as stress. Too much electrical charge can build up in this marvelous instrument.

By grounding your body through doing this energy work, you’re acknowledging the sensitivity of your instrument.

Another thing you do by grounding your body is supporting your entire energy space.

When I first learned this tool, I was working as an editor in a geotechnical engineering firm that designed foundations for all kinds of structures in the challenging, dynamic landscape of Northern California. The language was lovely: lots of references to types of soil and earth underlain by other types of soil and earth, as well as earthquakes, landslides, slopes, and water features, and how to keep it all stable.

It was fun editing prose about this during the day and learning to ground myself in the rest of my life; it validated the real need to provide support to all kinds of bodies, alive or not.

I was so enthusiastic! Some of my coworkers consented to my offers to give them readings and energy healings as I progressed in my intuitive training. One delightful acquaintance from that long-ago time reminded me recently that I once gave her a clairvoyant reading in the supply closet next to the rows of paper, binders, rubber bands, etc.

I had forgotten this, but I did remember giving a healing in my office to one of the drilling-rig operators – standing up, moving my hands around a few feet from his quite substantial body. He was a big guy from a rural place. He liked the energy healing. I must have been a pretty good technical editor for them to trust me to switch over to this other mode of communication. Then again, it was Northern California.

The imagery you’re starting to use is a language with which you communicate with your body. It also helps you start to read what’s going on energy-wise inside and around you.

As you start to use these visualizations, you’ll notice changes in how you feel and what you’re aware of. You’re starting to use imagery that constitutes a language for communicating with your body, and for getting feedback on what’s going on with your body, personal energy field, and environment.

All the basic intuitive tools – getting into your body; grounding your body; defining, protecting, and replenishing your energy space; and doing it with the attitude of slight amusement – are a way to talk with your body and to get feedback.

tools from

The specific language you’re using is images, or pictures. Not pictures you hold or see on your computer, or print with your printer, or see on television or in a gallery. Pictures that you generate with your mind.

The picture of grounding that you create and show your body has reality; your body responds to it. As you learn and practice more spiritual tools, you’ll find that these visualized images also give you feedback about what’s going on energetically within your body and within the physical spaces you occupy.

Can these pictures be “real”? Can they actually correspond with energy happenings? Science has not thoroughly measured the effectiveness of this kind of visualization. If you feel skeptical right now, it’s OK.

You can’t prove any of this is real to anyone else, and I can’t prove it to you. All you can really do is to postulate, or let’s say, imagine, that it’s real, and then proceed to check out what happens for yourself as you do it. You didn’t know for certain that you could ride a bicycle; you accepted the belief that you could, and lo and behold, you did it. The proof, as they say, is in the pudding, or the experiential benefits.

(As a diabetic, I especially appreciate the value of this tasty treat, this spiritual nourishment totally free of carbohydrate and calories.)

This may feel weird at first. And you don’t have to be perfect at it.

Most of us are more familiar with an ungrounded space. It may feel like a constant background hum in our awareness, or a slight unceasing pressure on us. So as you start to ground that body of yours, you will begin to physically feel different. You may feel downright weird. And human beings tend to want to go back to, even cling to, what we’re more familiar with.

So start small. Take a few minutes a day where you simply sit with your spine straight and your feet on the floor and experience being in the center of your head, with your body grounded. Nothing else except a dash of amusement, gained by turning up the corners of your mouth, if you have to resort to that.

Kind of like going to the gym for the first time – don’t overdo it. Your body needs to get used to being grounded, and you need to accustom yourself to hanging out in the center of your head and not doing what you’re used to thinking of as “more.”

Actually, you’re doing quite a bit energy-wise. Meanwhile, bear in mind that you’re educating the body about what it feels like to be grounded.

This will get more familiar. The next thing that will happen is that when you are grounded, you’ll find yourself in an ungrounded space (let's say, a shopping mall) and say to yourself, Oh! This is not a grounded space, compared to where my personal space is. And you’ll be aware that you don’t have to match the ungroundedness of your physical environment. Your body won’t automatically respond to that environment’s stressors with more tension.

busy shopping from

To stick to the example briefly cited above: I often feel disoriented when I’m shopping, especially in a larger store with lots of aisles, music blaring above me, and bright fluorescent lights. Many times in my local chain food store, everyone around me seems to be wandering the aisles like zombies.

There’s a reason for this: stores like to be able to suggest to you, or program you through various marketing methods, to make impulse purchases or otherwise buy things you didn’t plan to buy – things you may not even want. They set up the store to stimulate you to become ungrounded and spacey, so you’re more open to suggestion.

So, when I walk in, I bring my awareness right behind my eyes (often it feels, before I do this, as if my energy is either still back in my car or somewhere up on the ceiling) and I imagine a grounding cord connecting the base of my spine to the center of the planet. This cord will anchor me and be a conduit to release excess stimulus.

When I don’t want to have to think about this too much, I rely on the image of a redwood tree trunk.

All of a sudden, I feel much more there in the moment. My body starts to relax. I feel as if I’m in my own personal space again. It’s much easier to find what I want on the shelves and to stick to my shopping list. I even tend to find myself in the faster checkout line. The whole shopping trip feels more fun. (It also ends up being better for my diabetic health.)

Have fun with your newly developing groundedness. There’s no standard you have to meet. No rules posted on the wall. The emergency exit as you meditate with it is easy: open your eyes, touch your face, stretch, and return from the timelessness of your five-minute break (which will extend to a half hour or an hour per session, if you’d like, as you get used to it) to the world.

How to ground, second time, and this time fill in your space with a gold sun.

 -- Find a quiet space to sit down by yourself without distractions.

 -- Put both feet flat on the ground. Straighten your spine (and have the back support in your chair to do so).

 -- Close your eyes.

 -- Get into your body: bring your awareness into the center of your head, right behind your eyes.woman in driver's seat from

 -- Enjoy this. Aah. Take a deep breath and exhale. You’re back in the driver’s seat. Notice this.

 -- Notice your breathing.

 -- If you've already created a grounding cord of some kind, let it go. You’re now ungrounded

 -- Now imagine something you want to use as a new grounding cord. Maybe it’s a big tree trunk. Maybe your connector is made of mother-of-pearl, or turquoise, or gold. Maybe it’s a waterfall. Go with what appeals to you.

 -- Let one end of this grounding cord connect to the base of your spine.

 -- Watch it fall down, down, to the center of the earth. Let it really move down using the force of gravity in one continuous descent. No time, no space, no analysis. Let it happen fairly instantly.

 -- Feel your grounding cord enter the center of the earth and land there, solidly.

 -- Experience that groundedness. Your body is connected to the earth.

 -- Play with the width of your grounding cord. Experiment with making it as wide as your body.

 -- Let your grounding be hollow. Drop a ball down the middle of it. Watch the ball go into the center of the earth.

 -- Take a deep breath. Relax back in your chair.

 -- Sit up tall. Allow your spine to be long.

 -- Where is your attention? Gently bring it back to the center of your head, right behind your eyes.

 -- Take a deep breath, exhale. Release.

 -- Now, listen to your body. What is it saying to you through its sensation? Notice the sensation right around the body. How does your skin feel? Do you notice a very subtle movement on your skin? Do you feel calmness there?

 -- Is your body expressing emotion? Do you feel any sadness, anger, happiness? Just notice.

 -- Look at your grounding cord in your mind’s eye. Just let it be there. Redo it if you don’t see it. If there’s a gap, fill in the gap.

 -- Now, notice a point in your body where you are holding someone else’s energy or some stress. Maybe a phrase someone said to you is looping around in your head, for instance.

 -- And just release that phrase, that stress you’re holding, down your grounding cord.

 -- If you’ve got more than one part of the body where you’re holding a little tension (which wouldn't be surprising), go ahead and send a little hello to it and just let it go. Release down your grounding cord.

 -- Now you’re almost done. But you’ll want to fill yourself up where you released sun

 -- Imagine right above you a large golden sun. Watch it fill with gold light. This gold sun is energy that you want to use to replenish both your body and your energy field.

 -- Postulate that you’re also gathering up into the sun all the energy that you’ve left scattered here and there – your workplace, your car, a friend’s house, the store, places you visited throughout the week. Call all this energy back to yourself, into this gold sun. You might notice it returning to you in various color vibrations. Postulate that these colors will resolve into a full, golden vibration.

 -- A big fat gold sun is now shining right above your head.

 -- You can reach up with your actual hands and grab the gold sun, if you’d like. Or you can just watch it lower over you and fill up any space in your body created by your release of energy.

 -- Watch that sun go down through top of your head. Your face, shoulders, torso. Your stomach, your hips, your legs. Your feet.

 -- If you need a second gold sun, feel free to go through this a second time. This is a pure gold energy that recharges you after your time of releasing.

 -- Now you’re replenished with this very bright and comfortable energy. Notice that.

 -- Wiggle your toes and touch your face. Stretch.

 -- Stand up and move your renewed body around a little.

You did it! Great job!

Now, notice how the rest of your day and evening feel. 

copyright © 2014 Lisa Bernstein

"Kyoto Autumn Leaves" copyright Malcolm Browne used under Creative Commons license:

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