Excerpts from a Month in the Life of a Psychic Reader

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Here are just some of the pressing issues my clients have been asking about in the past few weeks: 

  ~ A custody matter

  ~ An affair

  ~ A legal case

  ~ An upcoming promotion

  ~ The exact nature of a couple of new businesses under development (by two clients)

  ~ Whether to buy a second home in a particular city

  ~ How to make a bar mitzvah go well

  ~ What to ask for (and receive!) in a (now not so) rocky romantic relationship

  ~ The energetic roots of one client's ADD

  ~ The emotional aspects of another's hip pain, and 

  ~ Where to go on vacation.

Among other questions.  (I offer neutral insight on any question, with warmth and even humor.)

Every person I read got specific answers to their questions, including a sense of greater ease and clarity about relevant past and present forces and desires, and help with encouraging the future to unfold in ways the person I was reading would prefer. 

Curious? Have a burning question? Want to let go of outmoded programming and old energies that keep you stuck? 

Good timing! Because I've just adjusted my prices to allow folks with various budgets to get readings. Try:

~ A 20-minute taste for $49 (clairvoyant or clairvoyant tarot)
~ A half-hour reading for $69, or
~ A full-hour for $130

~ Refer someone and get 10% off your next reading

Invest a little bit in yourself!  You will feel different afterward  – in a good way.

Get in touch here. And read some testimonials of satisfied clients here.
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