Creativity, Communication, and Confidence: Workshop 3/21/15 for Singers/Performers

Being a performer is so much about letting others see and hear who you really are. Which can be terrifying  — and liberating.

I realized this all over again last night while on the road to an audition, with exhausted vocal cords from overpracticing and thoughts of pulling over, calling the bandleader, and feigning a flat tire. 

Three things kept me going: the fact that I didn't want to waste having put on make-up, the fact that I didn't want to be seen as a flake by this band I wanted to join, and (maybe most important) using the tools that I and my co-teacher would be teaching in our upcoming workshop for performers.

By the way, I made it. And the audition was a success! 

Daria and I are offering our fourth workshop on mind-body-spirit tools for performers since we inaugurated them in May 2014. This time we're focusing on creativity, communication, and confidence.

Past participants of these offerings have raved about them. A couple of comments from our most recent workshop, in February at Blue Bear School of Music in San Francisco: 

"Thanks for reconnecting me to my spirit self. I forgot the little girl who just loved to sing." 

"I thoroughly enjoyed it and greatly appreciate the marrying of technique and spiritual/emotional awareness."

Want to be seen and heard as who you really are, as a creative person and performer? Treat yourself to this workshop on March 21.


Mind-Body-Spirit Tools

for Creativity, Communication, and Confidence


A Workshop for Singers and Other Performers


All Levels Welcome


taught by

Daria and Lisa B (Lisa Bernstein)


Saturday, March 21st

12:30 p.m. - 4:30 p.m.


Piedmont Piano Company

1728 San Pablo Ave.Oakland, CA


$90 ($85 for Registration by March 9)

for more information see



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