This Is a Test

Testing, testing, testing....

We diabetics get used to gathering a lot of data. Especially data on blood-sugar levels, taken many times per day.

I try to marshal a spirit of amusement as much as possible about this. Amid the repetition, and the unpredictable results, or maybe the expected results, and the analyzing of the results to tweak a response through diet, exercise, and medication... I do my best to remember that I'm much more than this precious number about my beautiful blood sample. It's serious, but there's a drop of effervescence in my response to it too.

Actually, I just wanted to see how this blog post looks in my brand-new blog design here. Hence the "testing, testing..." And then I went on to tweak that (this design) too. Always knowing I can change things based on the data. See how resourceful diabetes has helped me become?


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