Intuitive Tools for Diabetics and Others

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You can carry around a practical set of spiritual tools

You already know that caring for your diabetes isn't just about caring for your body. It's also about paying attention to your mind and spirit.

To put it another way, diabetes asks you to help regulate energy use in your body. That means you're already, whether you know it or not, focusing on your personal energy flow. That's what you're doing when you're tweaking your diabetes self-care in response to stress, emotions, and other energetic challenges.

But this can sound vague and mystical. What exactly are we talking about here? 

Diabetes is the thing that led me to hone my skills as a clairvoyant reader of the human energy system. But you don’t have to become a clairvoyant reader for diabetes to help you access more of your personal power and intuitive abilities. 

A good way to start getting a handle on your own energy system is to use eight intuitive tools that I can teach you. They're accessible, illuminating, and fun.

The upcoming posts will teach you how to practice an intuitive style of meditation that involves relaxation, visualization, and working with your energy anatomy. You can bring these tools into your daily eyes-open life too.

I already posted a couple of blog entries about the first tool: calling up a sense of amusement. Check it out: part 1, and part 2,

You can start using these tools for five minutes each day and spend more time at it from there; even five minutes a day will create beneficial changes for you. You’ll also learn to apply these intuitive tools to your non-meditating life. They will take some steady practice, but I’m betting you’ll enjoy it.

You will learn how to:
  • Release stress, and avoid a good deal of it in the first place
  • Get back in synch with your body
  • Replenish your body and spirit
  • Create personal boundaries to feel safe and sane
  • Handle a variety of situations and settings
  • Get to know and enjoy your own energy and the energy of others
  • Visualize and create new outcomes in every area of your life 
  • Be more amused, neutral, and forgiving – well, more of the time
  • Know yourself better and experience what you know as the divine or God
The specific diabetes-related benefits include:

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  • Improving blood-sugar control and other physiological variables
  • Making healthier choices about diet, exercise, medications, and the details of diabetic self-care
  • Finding your diabetes easier to manage
  • Discovering ways out of depression, which is more prevalent among diabetics
  • Working better with your medical team
  • Communicating more effectively with insurance companies and medical providers
  • Gaining the support you need from family and community
  • Navigating the variability of the diabetes experience with more success and self-forgiveness
Enjoy! And feel free to contact me about a private reading and coaching session. Email me at lisabmusic at hotmail dot com or use Twitter or the contact form here:

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