Diabetics Are Already Primed to Use Spiritual (or Energy-Awareness) Tools

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Everyone can use basic spiritual tools to feel better, but diabetics are especially primed to do so. 

While you handle the daily, often-challenging tasks of diabetes self-care, you can use a set of eight accessible spiritual or energy-awareness tools to become healthier and have a better time. In fact, the first activity (diabetes self-care) goes hand in hand with the second (using spiritual, or intuitive, tools).

Using these energy-awareness tools should not replace the program you and your diabetic support team have come up with to take care of your body. Instead, the spiritual mechanics I'll go on to teach you complement conventional medical programs.

Whether you’re a type 1 or type 2 diabetic, whether you’ve been told you’re pre-diabetic or at risk, whether you use insulin, pills, or other forms of medication, or you control your diabetes wholly through diet and exercise, you’ll find that practicing the intuitive tools I'll describe in the upcoming posts reduces stress, makes you feel better, and causes your own energy to run more smoothly.

It also will help you remove blocks to taking care of yourself and enable you to find reservoirs of self-healing. This in turn is likely to improve your blood-sugar control and help your other physiological systems run better. On top of that, you’ll gain rewarding insights about yourself and your life, and better tactics for creating the outcomes you want to create.

Intuitive abilities are in your hard-wiring as a human being.

You are wired to possess fundamental intuitive abilities. In fact, as a child, you knew how to use your intuition, although maybe not in an organized or conscious way. This knowledge was probably lost, forgotten, or hidden in the process of growing up, when intuitive abilities are often derided as childish, fantastical, useless, or at worst, crazy. 

glassy blue illustration from Spiritual Mechanics of Diabetes blogBut you still use them, and have glimpses of yourself doing so – when you have a “gut feeling,” know something “off the top of your head,” and respond to other messages from your inner guidance system that just happen to steer you right.

Diabetes can be a doorway back to those intuitive abilities. Why? Because what these abilities really involve is working with your energy. We diabetics already pay attention to energy management, responding to energy fluctuations inside and outside of ourselves and noticing how they are reflected in our blood-sugar levels and other physical responses. Using intuitive tools simply gives you a way to work with your energy on a deeper level.

Managing stress.

Probably the main way you’ve come to think about managing energy is in terms of “stress.” Without a doubt, any of the stresses our bodies experience, whether mental, emotional, physical, or situational – whether from work, relationships, family, the institutions we interact with, our physical environment, our behavior, or the food we put in our mouths – can make diabetes more difficult to manage and can foster other physical disorders and illnesses. 

Even fun stress can create adrenaline surges that throw off our blood-sugar control. Most damaging, however, according to many scientific studies, is the experience of incessant stress. This ongoing interference may well have been the last straw tipping our bodies into diabetes to begin with.

Using spiritual mechanics reduces external stress. It also helps you release stress-causing internal blocks in your energy systems. 

In other words, spiritual mechanics are a toolbox of actions to respond to what’s going on in you and around you amid the flux of each day.

What are your energy and your energy space?

Now that I’ve thrown around the term “energy," it wouldn’t hurt to define it. “Energy” can mean:
  • The capacity of a physical system to cause change or perform work 
  • Physiological fuel 
  • Strength, vitality, usable power 
  • The resources to act, think, exist 
  • The essence filling all matter, living and inanimate 
  • A spiritual substance that is you; your spirit 
  • Information 
How can this untouchable substance be felt, known, seen, controlled, played with, and harnessed by you?

Diabetes thrusts the awareness of energy in our faces. Whether your body resists the use of insulin (type 2 diabetes) or doesn’t produce enough of it (type 1, and some type 2 diabetes), diabetes means you’re unable to turn physical fuel into energy without help. 
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That is, diabetics are already engaged with the dilemmas of energy use in our bodies. Hence we’re primed to learn more about how we use energy in both obvious and subtle ways. 

That means learning about the human energy anatomy: each person’s space, or vibrational field (also called the aura) and the seven main energy centers (also called the chakras).

What is the difference between your personal space and everything else? How can you give energy to yourself, and use your own energy? How can you get rid of energy that keeps and causes pain and discomfort -- and attract energy that feels and works better for you? How can you differentiate between being responsive to those outside of your energy space and being responsible for them? How can you create outcomes you want?

Read on; more posts to come soon.

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