Healing As Collaboration

I recently gave a psychic reading to one of the collaborators on my new record

I worked with this lady on previous records and I always enjoy her. Not only does she know her stuff, but she's also down…

Questions for A Clairvoyant Reader in the Past Month

Usually, this blog sticks to diabetes-related matters from my perspective as an intuitive reader and energy worker (not to mention as a person with type 1 diabetes).

But it seems to be a good moment to pull back the…

Lessons from Diabetes for A Creative Person

It has become clear that diabetes is the health issue of our century, with worldwide massive increases in new diagnoses of type 2 diabetes, even in children; perhaps even more widespread prediabetes; and millions of new diagnoses of type…

Tool #3: Ground Your Body (and Replenish It)

You go through life attracting information, data, images, emotions. Some of it feels like bounty. Some of it feels like stress. A lot of it is way too much for your body to handle. You’re overloaded. You may feel…

In-the-Body Meditation

A few recent blog posts introduced intuitive Tool #2 for people with diabetes (and people without it): centering your awareness right behind your eyes – or getting into the driver's seat of your body.

The first post on this tool

Eavesdrop on Your Body

Shortly after I was diagnosed with diabetes, I decided to write down what my body was saying to me about having this condition.

I postulated that I would just listen and take dictation. I recorded the first things that…

Tool #2, continued: Play with the Power of Your Attention

Attention is a physical thing. You’re standing in line, or sitting in your car, and for no apparent reason you suddenly turn to see someone staring at you. You perceived that person’s attention. It had a weight you could…