New blog: "The Spiritual Mechanics of Diabetes"

Exciting: I started a new standalone blog that will focus completely on diabetes, "The Spiritual Mechanics of Diabetes" at

This way, I can address diabetes-specific topics there as well as here, but make it easier for diabetics to find those posts and comment on them.

red rose with stem from lisabintuitive.comA wealth of diabetes blogs and websites exists on the web, but few, if any, are devoted to spirituality, energy awareness, and intuitive abilities.

I'm hoping that this blog becomes one of the web's top destinations for those touched by diabetes.  

Diabetes arises from a glitch in communication between you and your body. That glitch was caused by internal and external stresses -- personal, genetic, social, or environmental.

Diabetes is also an opportunity to take ownership of your body -- that wonderful and sometimes frustrating instrument -- and your personal energy space.

The new "Spiritual Mechanics of Diabetes" blog will talk about how to re-own your body and empower your being by using inborn intuitive abilities along with conventional medical treatment.

It also will tell my own ongoing story of dealing with type 1 diabetes for nearly 30 years and delve into a range of diabetes-related topics.

May it help you find greater insight, happiness, self-acceptance, and success -- and inspire you to contribute parts of your own story. Please comment and share! The new entries have already appeared here, so if you'd like to repeat or expand on your comments, please do! 

Thanks, and be well,

Lisa B (Lisa Bernstein)

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