Don’t Fear Your Fears

Fear is a feeling. And like all feelings or emotions, it is physical. That is, fear mainly has to do with the body.

Despite its physicality, fear can keep you, the spirit, from moving forward.

I help many of…


Excerpts from a Month in the Life of a Psychic Reader

Here are just some of the pressing issues my clients have been asking about in the past few weeks: 

  ~ A custody matter

  ~ An affair

  ~ A legal case

  ~ An upcoming promotion

  ~ The exact nature of…


So, who’s setting the tone for your holiday season?

So, who’s setting the tone for your holiday season? And how’s that working out for you? 

It’s a cliché that we in the developed world are bombarded with messages saying that our winter celebrations should involve consumption and commodities…


Coming to San Francisco: Mind-Body-Spirit Tools for Singers

The Complete Singer:

Spiritual, Technical, and Practical Tools 

to Help You Realize Your Musical Dreams

I began my vocal training at Blue Bear School of Music more than 20 years ago. That makes it especially exciting to bring the workshop

Is That Ghost More Powerful Than Me?

Are spirits such as ghosts, guides, and angels more powerful than you are?

The question takes on an exciting, scary flavor around Halloween. Boo!

But it also comes up year-round, overtly or not, as I work with folks as…


Tool #3: Ground Your Body (and Replenish It)

You go through life attracting information, data, images, emotions. Some of it feels like bounty. Some of it feels like stress. A lot of it is way too much for your body to handle. You’re overloaded. You may feel…

The Energy of Income Tax Filing

Beautiful day, and I'm hunkering down to prepare for filing taxes. I keep good records, so mainly I'm just adding them up. Still, it's an involved process, since I have a few different simultaneous enterprises.

When I look back…