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Tool #2: Get Back into Your Body: Bring Your Awareness into the Center of Your Head

Here's a post on Tool #2 of the eight essential intuitive tools I promised (in the blog post to share with you. I learned how to practice these tools in the late 1980s at the Berkeley Psychic Institute, but I've seen few, if any, good written explanations of them. And of course this explanation gives my own insights on why this tool is so important and how to use it.

With this tool, you get back into the driver's seat of your body and energy space by bringing your awareness into the center of your head. It's important to anyone wanting to re-own your body, feel better, and become healthier.

Oh, and I'll be posting more often from now on. Look for Part 2 about this fun tool soon.

If you’re reading this after a long day, you may feel that everyone and everything you encountered over the past 12 hours have been tugging on you for your attention – your kids, coworkers, and boss; the phone, television, advertisements, social media; pulsing icons on your computer or mobile screen.

why you may need to re-own the center of your head, from

Yo, over here, this is important, look at me!

When you stop to think about it, your environment may resemble a carnival of demand. Everyone wants you to place your awareness on them – for different reasons.

You make them feel valued. You can solve one of their problems. An advertiser wants you to buy something. An employer wants you to produce something. Some person – even someone you love – or some institution wants to control what you do… You can start adding to the list yourself. Or...maybe not.

Considering all that, it’s amazing that you can sit down and read this blog post.

Yet with all this hubbub, probably no one has come right out and said to you that your awareness is such a treasure. No one has emphasized that taking control of what you’re paying attention to – and, dare I say it?, placing your attention on yourself, from yourself – are tremendously empowering acts.

Tool #2 of the eight essential intuitive tools gives you a way to center your awareness within yourself. From there, you can more easily choose what you’re paying attention to.

With this tool, you come back into your body.

Your most valuable spiritual asset is your attention – yet you learned very early to give it away.

The programming begins in early childhood, when we’re too young to fully manage what we do with our attention. Class, look at the whiteboard, please! Quit drifting off, pay attention! Gathering up the attention of a group can veer into controlling that attention; one obvious example is the military. Once we are trained to hand over control of our attention to others, the habit of looking outward, and feeling we are scattered outward among what we're looking at, is continually reinforced by the patterns of our modern lives.

So what’s the problem with that? It’s exhausting, for starters. As your attention zings all over the place, your body is taking in and even recording a great deal of extraneous information, which can be tiring and distracting to you. (Ever had an unwanted commercial hook looping in your brain?) On a subtle level, this same chronic repetition of data is happening a thousandfold in your personal energy space if you don’t find a way to discharge it.

 Mrs. Potato Head looking distressed from

For another, you probably would rather pay attention to things that fulfill your own agenda rather than the agendas of other people and institutions – or at least make a choice about it.


Amid all that demands your attention, notice your desire to be present now.


Despite the clamorous competition for your attention drawing your focus from your own physical and energetic space, you do need and want to take breaks from looking outward. I’m spaced out. I don’t feel present. I can’t get into focus. These phrases signal discomfort with the ingrained habit of displacing your energetic focus onto lots of different targets.


Many of us have good reason to not want to pay attention to what’s happening in our bodies and immediate vicinities, such as physical or emotional pain or distressing circumstances that we’d rather not face. Some of us use external attention-shut-off valves like alcohol and drugs.

Still, eventually your body and being will send up flares signaling that the external stimuli have become too stressful to handle. Or signaling that the external shut-off valves aren’t working, or are causing their own problems with excessive use.

You may have found activities that force you to stop your attention from zinging around and to get into the moment because your physical survival depends on it. For instance, climbing rocks, or jumping out of airplanes; you simply can’t do these things and be distracted if you want to avoid dire consequences. Or maybe just the opposite works, with a domestic approach, in which sewing, cooking, gardening, and other homey pleasures are a kind of meditation that turns off the din and demand and that lets you find your own calm center again.

Here’s an approach to consider: collect your attention and put it on yourself, instead of thinking that all the important things are out there.

What a radical concept: the idea of gathering up your attention from everything else, letting go of the extraneous chatter, and getting back in touch with yourself. It’s a simple act, but a powerful one.

focused girl from

Think of your being taking a happy hour. A mini-vacation for your spirit. A time-out in which you step away from the uproar, ignore everyone else’s demands for a few moments, and pay attention to yourself, from a point within yourself, in the most direct way possible.


You as a being can be many places at once, can leap from one focus point to the next, can truly move faster than the speed of light. Your body, however, is earthbound. It’s affected by gravity. It doesn’t do time travel. Your body knows how to be in just one place at a time. So keep your body company, for a change. Get your awareness into your body again – at least for a few minutes a day.


Continued in Part 2.

copyright Lisa Bernstein


From Brent | On November 09, 2013 @10:01 pm
Keeping my awareness on myself is difficult for me, but these tips really helped me.
From Lisa B (Lisa Bernstein) | On September 19, 2013 @12:06 am
How-to's to come, but here's the very short version: bring your awareness right behind your eyes. Feel how powerful that feels. More next week!

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