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   Take a deep breath and exhale – then pat yourself on the back. Really. If it makes you inwardly laugh a little, well, good – that means you’ve just raised your vibration. 



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Seeing is believing

"Imagination lays the track for the Reality Train to follow." -- Caroline Casey



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Explore if you're interested. During your reading and healing, I'll be speaking with you about YOU, not singing (except on your birthday).

My services do not replace medical care

   When I refer to "healing" as part of the services I provide, I mean energetic healing.


   This work, and the information I provide on this website and in readings, should in no case replace professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. The information I offer is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure medical conditions.


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The Eight Key Intuitive Tools

A good way to start getting a handle on your own energy system is to use eight key intuitive tools. They're accessible, illuminating, and fun.

tools from

The upcoming posts will teach you these tools and how to practice them. You'll learn an intuitive style of meditation that involves relaxation, visualization, and working with your energy anatomy. You can bring these tools into your daily eyes-open life too.

I already posted a blog entry about the first tool: calling up a sense of amusement. Check it out:

You can start using these tools for five minutes each day and spend more time at it from there; even five minutes a day will create beneficial changes for you.  They will take some steady practice, but I’m betting you’ll enjoy it.

You will learn how to:

-- Release stress, and avoid a good deal of it in the first place

--  Get back in synch with your body

--  Replenish your body and spirit

--  Create personal boundaries to feel safe and sane

--  Handle a variety of situations and settings

--  Get to know and enjoy your own energy and the energy of others

--  Visualize and create new outcomes in every area of your life

-- Be more amused, neutral, and forgiving – well, more of the time

--  Know yourself better and experience what you know as the divine or God

What's not to like? More to come...

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From Sandya Venugopal | On June 23, 2013 @11:54 am
I read through your blog posts, and really like your style. I can definitely endorse dealing with "heavy" stuff with amusement - it has helped me in certain challenging situations in the last few days, though the situation has not changed, I am not rising to the bait, so hopefully the opposition will rest. I am just looking at everything with amusement, and there's so much insight I have managed to obtain just by that detached observing. I know exactly what emotions the other person's actions are stemming from, and I am able to hold a space of acceptance and love for her.

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