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Mind-Body-Spirit Tools for Singers: Feedback on a Successful Workshop!

My co-teacher Daria and I are still thrilled that our first workshop for singers, given earlier this month at my Oakland, Calif. home, was so appreciated, and that it ran so smoothly! We had a wonderful group, composed of professionals, semi-professionals, and beginners (see photo at right, taken by Ouida Joi; it lacks the other man who attended).

Mind-body-spirit tools workshop for singers taught by Lisa B and DariaThey all left the workshop beaming and excited about their next steps as singers.

Keep your ears open for news of this same workshop to be given in August in Marin County, and for the next one in the series, which will be offered again at my home in Oakland, also in August. 

Here is some feedback from the participants:

--- I really enjoyed the combination of energy and vocal work." - Chris R.

--- "What a wonderful workshop today! What I appreciated most was that it was not your typical vocal workshop  exercises, sing a song. It truly was a complete overview  mind, body and spirit. I have taken a lot of workshops and lessons and none of them have ever touched upon the metaphysical/spiritual aspects as the two of you did."

--- "It was full and rich beyond any expectations I could have had. I really enjoyed the balance of energy awareness and singing technique." - Ouida J.

--- "The workshop was amazing. I really enjoyed the guided meditations and learning about the chakras. Still thinking about it all!"

--- "Great start to discovering the artist in myself." - Tricia H.

--- "It was a great experience. I hope you two will continue the series."

--- "You complement each other well. You are a great team! Who knew chakras can support singing!?" 

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