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Fun and Fearless Public Speaking (and Private Conversation): Mind-Body-Spirit Tools

Fun and Fearless Public Speaking 

(and Private Conversation): 

Mind-Body-Spirit Tools for Confident Communication


A workshop taught by Lisa B (Lisa Bernstein) 

Sat., September 27, 2014

1 - 4 p.m.

Lisa's home 

(in a safe, pleasant Oakland, Calif. neighborhood, with plenty of parking)


(and includes 1/2-hour phone consultation as a followup!)


Open to only 8 participants!

Contact lisabmusic at hotmail dot com to reserve your place now


Do you want to feel confident, calm, and clear while

* Giving presentations? 

* Speaking to groups, large or small? 

* Being interviewed for a job?

* Or simply talking with family, friends, and co-workers?

This is the workshop for you! 

Includes guided visualization; instruction on tools to help you feel both relaxed and energized, both aware of your audience and personally confident; and time and space for you to practice in a safe setting.

*  Convert anxiety and fear into confidence and empowerment

*  Feel calmer and more "in your body" when speaking to groups or individuals

*  Reconnect with your natural ability to communicate your truth

*  Release judgment and invalidation about expressing yourself, whether in speeches or one-on-one

*  Learn to protect your personal space

*  Harness the power of your major chakras or energy centers (especially those relating to survival, communication, and wisdom)

*  Connect with the lighter side of public (and private) speaking

Lisa B_Lisa Bernstein speaking

Lisa B (Lisa Bernstein) is an educator and performer with more than 25 years of experience addressing groups large and small and preparing others to do the same. She has taught classes and workshops at San Francisco State, Foothill College, Skyline College, the Jazzschool, Blue Bear School of Music, Anna Yates Elementary School, and the Allendale Recreation Center. She also has publicly addressed professional gatherings of social workers, educators, and technical communicators; booked speakers for and emceed many cultural events; performed music and poetry at more than 80 clubs, performance spaces, colleges, and bookstores; and given radio interviews in the San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, and New York. In addition, as a marketing writer, she has prepared speeches for numerous business consultants and scientists. She has master's and bachelor's degrees in English literature/creative writing from San Francisco State and UC Santa Cruz, respectively. 


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